About Jeffrey Baker, M.D. of Immanuel Clinic of Arkansas

Jeffrey Baker, M.D.
Dr. Jeff Baker

Jeffrey Baker, M.D. in Springdale Arkansas has been in private medical practice for over 20 years. He has a wide range of experience working with patients in many different settings, and he has treated patients in the Springdale Arkansas area from all walks of life with numerous disorders.

Dr. Baker graduated from the Oral Roberts University School of Medicine with both his M.D. and an M.S. with research work focusing on physiology and immunology.

He completed residency training at the University of California Irvine Family Practice program at Memorial Medical Center in Long Beach, where he served as Chief Resident.

He practiced Family Medicine for 12 years, where he was Board Certified in both Family Practice and Sports Medicine.

He also has over 20 years of experience as an emergency room physician.

In 1997, Jeffrey Baker, M.D. moved to northwest Arkansas, where his practice has focused on integrating conventional and alternative therapies for a wide range of medical problems.

Individualizing bioidentical hormone therapy and IV nutritional therapy for both women and men in {Area} is a significant portion of his consultation practice.

Dr. Baker’s philosophy for optimal patient care is guided by five general principles:

  • Dr. Baker takes careful assessment of each patient’s story, including the nuances that make it unique from all the others. He has found that no two patients have the same story, and they rarely need the same treatment.
  • Dr. Baker guides his patients in choosing a course of therapy that is specific and appropriate for them, given their symptoms, history, risk factors, and potential for benefit.
  • Dr. Baker in Springdale Arkansas individualizes therapy, using the patients’ clinical response and testing as needed to ensure that they are getting enough of what they need, and not too much of “a good thing”.
  • Dr. Baker promotes pro-active, self-educating, and confident self-care attitudes and actions in his patients. As he and his patients work together, he feels that they become, to some degree, ‘their own best doctor’ as they learn to listen carefully to their bodies, therapeutic options, and responses over time.
  • Dr. Baker always gives the best care to his patients; he looks forward to helping each patient gain as much knowledge, confidence, and autonomy possible, in regard to their own healthcare.

IV Therapy Doctor Jeffrey Baker, M.D. at Immanuel Clinic in Springdale Arkansas is dedicated to providing conventional and alternative medicine therapies to patients to treat a wide range of medical problems and to help patients return to health and wellness.

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